Let’s Talk Basic Podcast

Season 2 Episode 26: Spring Cleaning (Your Life)

June 7, 2020

We are just two weeks away from the official start of summer! So before diving into our “summer diet” (ice coffees & sangrias), we thought we would start by doing a little spring detox to get rid of all the toxins in our lives!

Yes - we are talking about people & relationships that drain your energy and hinder your personal growth. Many of us hold on to bad relationships a little longer than we should, make excuses for disrespectful behaviour one too many times, and become afraid of sharing our real opinion in fear of how the other person will react.

These relationships are draining and this week we share our own experiences being in them, and how we finally got out of them. We talk about when is a good time to end a friendship and how to do it.

Have you been in a similar situation? Let us know how you got out of your toxic relationship! 

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