Let’s Talk Basic Podcast

Episode 13: Do You Believe in “The One”

July 28, 2019

“Match made in heaven” “My one true love” – what do you feel when you hear those phrases? Are you making heart eyes? Or are you cringing with a questionable face?

This week we discuss our thoughts on whether there is only ONE person in the world, that is completely made just for you! Take a second and look back at your first love, your most painful heartbreak, that guy you almost dated, and the person you should have given a second chance to. How would that have played out and impacted your life? Listen as we go back and forth on this topic and struggle to find common ground.
One of us thinks there are 100s of people who we could end up with (Really? 100s!?) and the other truly believes that there is only ONE true love (Hopeless Romantic Much!?)

Come along for ALL our “WHAT IF” moments- but make sure to DRINK UP!

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