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Season 2 Episode 16: Isolation Week Two

Season 2 Episode 16: Isolation Week Two

March 29, 2020

This week we chat about the small wins and moments of joy that we have encountered during the second week of our “new normal”

Find out what we are doing to cope with boredom, stress and a whole lot of free time. One of us discovered boxed wine X2… while the other established a new found liking for cutting vegetables (listen to find out more)

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Just remember to cherish this extra time with your family, pets, couch and Netflix. Because believe it or not the day will come when we all have to put pants on again.

Season 2 Episode 15: How to Survive Social Distancing 101

Season 2 Episode 15: How to Survive Social Distancing 101

March 22, 2020

Like many of you around the world, we are following safety measures, self isolating and being BORED AF.
It is week 1 of self-quarantine and we are desperately finding new ways to entertain ourselves!

This week we share our quarantine week 1 routine with you, what we have been watching, listening, cooking, drink etc.
Hopefully we can be a source of support and entertainment for you during this time of uncertainty.

Just know that whatever we are going through will eventually pass, and that we will get through this together as a community!

Sending you sunshine, tulips and positive vibes

Season 2 Episode 14: Spring Cleaning

Season 2 Episode 14: Spring Cleaning

March 15, 2020

With the weather getting warmer, and the sun shining brighter, we know that spring is near!

There ‘s nothing more exciting than seeing tulips in full bloom, but for some of us “Spring Cleaning” brings an odd abundance of joy… (ugh we are so old)

Listen as we dive into our “strategic plan” on how to do spring cleaning the Let’s Talk Basic way. Laugh as we share some of the most embarrassing finds and take you through clothes we should have “donated” years ago! One of us is very passionate about this process while the other is less enthused… (can you guess who is more excited?)

Let us know if you will be detoxing your home this spring!

Season 2 Episode 13: Me Time

Season 2 Episode 13: Me Time

March 8, 2020

This week we are diving into a topic that brings a BIG smile to our face… “Me Time”
We love talking about it, but realize that we are terrible at scheduling it… can you relate?
Every Monday morning when asked “What did you do this weekend”, we often follow with, birthday dinner, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement brunch, wedding (you get the point) We are so good at scheduling time with others, but feel guilty about scheduling time just for ourselves
Listen as we reveal what we love to do during our “Me Time”, and give you tips on how to feel less guilty about saying “no”. Now go schedule some time just for yourself!

Season 2 Episode 12: The Bachelor Recap

Season 2 Episode 12: The Bachelor Recap

March 1, 2020

Many of you know our obsession with the ABC series The Bachelor! I mean we even did our own version of it (check it out on our IG TV). We were trying to refrain our thoughts on the show, but this season has been so ridiculous and drama-filled so we couldn’t not resist!

Listen as we share our thoughts on Pilot Pete, the girls on this season, and what our predictions are for his final 3 contestants! (warning: if you are not caught up, there are some spoilers)

Even if you don’t follow the series, this episode is entertaining and outrageous on its own based on how immature the contestants are this season!

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