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Episode 9: Let’s Get Down to Business

Episode 9: Let’s Get Down to Business

June 30, 2019

Work is a pretty significant part of our lives, whether you are just starting out, close to landing your first “real” job,learning and growing in your current role  or ready for a new challenge, moments like these help shape who we are

This week we spend time looking back at our very first jobs, cringing at awful interview experiences in our early 20s and remembering all the great memories made with our colleagues turned friends.

Episode 8: #Wanderlust

Episode 8: #Wanderlust

June 23, 2019

Summer is officially here and that means VACATION is near! It’s time to breakout those jean shorts, tanks, sundresses and bring on the ADVENTURE and of course TANS!

This week we are taking you on our favorite #Wanderlust spots around the world! Guess which one of us likes to explore the city and which one of us likes to kickback in the countryside!? We dive into the details of traveling with family, a group of friends, girlfriends and our significant others.

This is one of our favorite episodes because it brings back soo many great memories!

Episode 7: Bridesmaids Dun Dun Dun

Episode 7: Bridesmaids Dun Dun Dun

June 16, 2019

Behind every bride is a tribe of women who has been through many ups and downs with her. Some may have been there since childhood, some may have just joined the tribe, but nonetheless all just as special.

How in the world is a girl suppose to choose!?🤦🏻‍♀What are the “rules” when is comes to selecting braidsmaids!?🤷🏻‍♀

Join us in this week’s episode as we dive into how best to navigate this.🙇🏻‍♀

Episode 6: Rings and Lobster Things

Episode 6: Rings and Lobster Things

June 9, 2019

On this week’s episode we continue with PART II of our “Wedding Series”… RINGS!!
Whenever the topic of rings arise, naturally we think about the “engagement” and the man getting down on one knee and the woman with a “shocked” face screaming YES! – pretty accurate eh?

In this episode we discuss how the diamond industry is ruining lives for all of man-kind! Men are pressured into buying “ring-pop” sized diamonds, because shows like ABC’s The Bachelor, is now the standard “reality”!? ONE of us likes the idea of proposing to the man, while the other sides with tradition.

Does size matter? Do you care about how the diamond was sourced? When in a relationship should you bring up “the engagement”? Are you dying to know who gave Joanne a LOBSTER on her wedding day!? Yes I repeat a LOBSTER! – Trust me… it will make your jaw drop LOL

Episode 5: It’s Wedding Season!

Episode 5: It’s Wedding Season!

June 2, 2019

Whether you are planning your wedding, or being a guest at a wedding, this occasion often brings up a lot of different emotions.

In this episode, we dive into wedding guest list, rules of the plus ones, how much is the “appropriate” amount to give as a guest, what your parents want vs. what you want, and all the wedding etiquettes in between!

We also reveal what NOT to do as a wedding guest, ie…. leave halfway through the wedding and “forgetting” the wedding gift.

When all is said and done, we love celebrating every new couple and cherish our time at their open bar!

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